Caravan tracker installation

Meta Trak

Owning a motorhome or caravan is a large investment and a valued possession, so it’s worth protecting it with a tracking device.

Having a Meta Trak device installed puts you in control.

You’ll be able to see the real time status of your vehicle at anytime, from anywhere and on any device. You will receive instant alerts directly to your phone if anything out of the ordinary is detected – essential when you are out and about and your van is parked up, or if it’s left in storage when you’re not using it. You can see your journey history and save memorable trips. Plus, you can share login details with friends and family so that they can follow you on your travels.

For ultimate peace of mind and the primary method of defense against theft, choose one of our Thatcham approved motorhome tracking solutions with 24/7 Security Operating Centre monitoring.

Motorhome owners can choose Driver Recognition ID–tags and immobiliser options.

Metatrak Shield (non insurance approved ) £300.00 supplied and fitted
MetaTrak 6 £375.00 with one year’s subscription(other options available)

Phantom Pro 3

Thatcham (Cat 6) approved GPS caravan tracker backed by our 24/365 operating centre to protect your caravan.

Rapid caravan recovery in the event of a theft.

Alarm integration or movement detection to alert us to unauthorised access or usage.

Online and App access to monitor your caravan’s exact location

Current and historical monitoring of your leisure battery.

From £499.00 plus subscription