Security and Other Services

Caravan and Motorhome Security , offering over 14 years experience in the industry backed up with all the relevant qualifications. An individual and hassle free service, without the need to make time consuming trips to a dealer. Covering the Midlands area. I offer bespoke solutions to all your caravan and motorhome needs, specialising in mobile satellite technology, state of the art tracking solutions, along with security solutions for both motorhome and caravans. A full range of caravan and motorhome accessories are available upon request. No job is too small.

Just like your home your motorhome or caravan is a significant investment and it makes sense to protect it. Unfortunately, motorhomes and caravans are popular targets for thieves, as not only are they valuable in their own right, but they are often filled with expensive contents. So, wherever you keep your motorhome or caravan, you need to ensure that it is safe and secure.


So, what are your options?

An alarm

This is a great audio deterrent for your motorhome or caravan. The siren is usually situated under the bonnet/inside the caravan and is activated upon opening the vehicle door. Dependent on the type of base vehicle, many systems will integrate seamlessly with the original remote locking system and all should feature internal and perimeter protection.

A tracking device

This is a sophisticated piece of equipment that gives a vehicle location via GPS signals and alerts you to attempts to tow or tamper with the vehicle. When the unit is armed (set) tampering or movement of the vehicle will send a signal via GSM to a control centre or mobile device, locating exactly where the vehicle is and enabling recovery of the vehicle. While there are many products on the market a system that offers 24 hour dedicated control centre support is the best option. This 24 hour support continues even if the vehicle is being used outside of the UK. Some tracking products will also allow the tracker to interface with an alarm system giving alerts should the alarm be triggered. This is a popular option for people who leave their vehicles at storage sites, where they will not be aware if an alarm is being triggered.

Which system to choose?

This depends very much on your insurance company and personal preference. Many insurance companies will demand a Cat6 tracking device as a minimum requirement, some an alarm or for the higher end of the market both. It can be a daunting task to choose from the many products on the market with some people making inflated and often misleading claims on the products they supply. If it’s on the Thatcham list then the product will be recognised by insurance companies.

Why choose CMS to install your security device?

I have been in the motorhome and caravan security industry since dinosaurs roamed the earth!

Joking aside, I have 19 years experience and have worked for some of the major players in the leisure industry within the Midlands. I have seen products come and go, but in that time my specification for a product has never changed- it must be right for the customer and their needs, be of the highest standard and meet their insurance requirements. I only use products that are reliable and I would be happy to have on my own vehicles. Each product I supply complies with Thatcham or similar standards. I do not need to make inflated or misleading claims about the products I use. Each fit complies with the high standards that the leading manufactures expect from anyone who fits their products.

Gas-it systems

There’s nothing more annoying than running out of gas, or in the rush of getting away for a well-earned impromptu break forgetting you forgot to fill up with gas. Gas-It offer a great solution with no needless frills; the system can be filled at any AutoGas station in a matter of minutes and no more messing around with changing bottles. The system can be customised for most caravans and motorhomes. They can be self-fitted, but I would recommend a professional fitter with the appropriate qualifications (ACOP or Gas Safe) will ensure a safe and tidy installation with the knowledge it’s been fully tested.